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You Can and You Will Easily Make Colloidal Silver

So you have decided to make colloidal silver. No problem! After reading this not only will you be making colloidal silver- you will be teaching others! And you will be able to minimize your investment of time and money. It's simple to make colloidal silver. Honest.

Making colloidal silver is easy.
All you are doing is knocking silver molecules into water with electricity until there are so many they group together. Simply immerse your generators’ silver into distilled water for a few minutes and watch Bob Beck's electro-colloidal process. Time will cause many silver molecules to break away, aggregate or marry and become large enough groups to be called colloids. The resulting mix of atomic-sized silver and silver colloids can be brought to a more highly colloidal solution with a very small addition of Vitamin C as added electrolyte. Other things can work too or try it without any additive at all.

Simplified instructions with introductory terms.

Gather your supplies:
1. Create, buy or make a colloidal silver generator
There are a great number of styles and prices to choose from.

2. Get some distilled water. You can also use multi-stage, highly purified water from a Mom & Pop water store and save even more (never use a freestanding dispenser machine or store bought purified).

3. Find some Ascorbic Acid powder- vitamin “C”. Most low-additive pills will work, though not “ester” or “emergency” powder types.

4. Small saucepan & a clear glass: a smooth thin 4-8 oz jar or glass; go bigger later when experienced

5. Flashlight: old style bulb-type for visual testing.

6. Clean-up supplies: Tissue and soft, non-metallic kitchen scrub-pad; these are mostly green, or sometimes white

Note that these vary according to personal belief about colloid size.

Fill the glass to 7/8 full with warmed distilled or pure water.

Power your generator according to instructions.

Place the silver into the water –do not submerse connections. If using distilled water you might opt to add a tiny pinch of the vitamin “C” to get electricity flowing between the two rods -if you trust that using yellow-gold colloidal silver is best, but we suggest this step is best left out for now as later addition is best).

Molecular silver creation:
2-15 minutes depending on variables of water quantity, quality and temperature

The elements loose microscopic particles: silver stays in the water.

One element creates bubbles: they enlarge and rise to the surface.

One element darkens- remove and wipe with the tissue occasionally if it gets especially dark or comes together at the surface.

Opalescense occurs: the liquid begins to acquire a bluish sheen. This is due to the particles being electrically charged.

Making colloidal silver:
10-30 minutes depending on water quantity, quality and temperature as well as the desired strength

You should now have a solution that is a mixture of unseen microscopic particles of silver and the larger grouped particles that are called colloids due to their size, electrical charge etc…all colloids have color.

Note: Proceed if you have a glass of clear to yellow colored solution.
If not, you must start over until you attain the desired clear to yellow if you want to learn to make colloidal silver properly.

Testing for Colloids
Use your (old-fashioned) flashlight and pass the beam through the solution. If all has gone well, you will see a faint beam passing through that actually becomes conical at the far end- whether you look down upon it or view it from the side. This ensures that you are making colloidal silver solution.

Creating a more highly colloidal solution
Put half of what you have made and put it into a tall thin clean glass.

Add a tiny pinch of the vitamin c, “enough to dust the head of a pin”.
An amber cloud may appear but will then quickly dissipate, especially if you swirl the contents.

Note:...this phrase...enough to dust the head of a pin... can't be stressed enough! You might be surprised just how often people call to say when they lessened the amount they achieved their goal of proper coloration.

You have grouped almost all the unseen molecules into colloids and now have a more highly colloidal solution. Congratulations! Do it with the rest.

If you add too much “C’ you got a murky solution that does not appear yellow anymore. This is because you forced too many silver particles into large clumps. They are still colloids- just far too big to be Medical grade.

Tea, beer and milk are colloidal. Think of yogurt as the colloids of milk. If your silver colloids get too big they won’t easily move through your body.

That is the reason you need to make colloidal silver yellow-gold at first. You will be sure of the proper sized particles. The range of light to dark yellow-gold-amber gives you a really good idea of strength too.

Know that Bob Beck probably did not use added electrolyte to acquire the favorite straw colored 3-5 ppm sol he used all his days. the stuff will ultimately turn color sometimes, given longer to operate. It may even darken overnight, sometimes. One of Beck's friends, a fella that felt honored to be invited to Beck's weekly luncheon with other Dr's & scientists, shared quite a bit about the man with me. This technique has been validated in a 50 year old colloidal science text and via conversation with Dr. Frank Key of Colloidal Science Labs. It is not necessary but is a very good technique for learning. That said, it is still the practice used almost every time for personal creation of golden colloids. ~ Johnny

For More Information Contact:

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Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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