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1sttell-all encyclopedia of colloidal silver info

In making colloidal silver water, it's fickle but easy, using simple directions
Guard against Argyria using four visual quality tests and the rediscovered
1920s electrolyte secret validated by the Colloidal Science Lab founder.
Includes proven medical evidence, top virologist findings, cancer research,
a major university study plus the newest colloidal silver dosage concepts.

 Key Features

  • 98 pages including FDA reports & list of 133 historic colloidal silver uses
  • Dozens of photos, testimonials, RadioShack single-item no-assembly plans
  • Full-color glossy brochure: directions, PPM examples & four visual quality tests


  • Fast information download: "...look at the pictures, read the captions"
  • MicroGen Free inside* the book...original DemoGen is free for the asking:

 $ can read several of the articles to obtain similar info

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 Note: The MicroGenerator upgrade* occurs only via this website- a minimum $10.00 value
          Previously we had offered the smaller DemoGen & mid-sized MicroGen duo for $14.


Amazon Book Reviews:

  • "Here's the best part...includes a colloidal silver generator with the book!
    I made my first batch of colloidal silver within 15 minutes".
    Craig Underwood; Glendale CA

  • "The guy's a silver colloid evangelist...get the book...hook up the included generator's worth while, and he's got information and pictures you won't get anywhere else"
    -anonymous review

  • "I believe the author has done good research; I know from talking with him, he's
    definitely committed and not to making money. The instructions and information are
    easy to understand (look at the pictures, read the captions)
    I was making batch after batch the first day!"
       ...Eric Christen - frequent reviewer


Description SKU # Price
ISBN 0970825609 book 19.99


'Colloidal Silver  ...@ntibiotic Superhero'

Table of contents:

1. Early history

3. Recent history

5. Evidence in support

9. Mechanism of action

11. Colloid chemistry

14. Manufacturing demo (photos)

17. Four visual tests

21. Medical findings … "Researchers" speak out

25. FDA to J.A.M.A … Pharmaceutical co. lackeys

27. Historic uses … Medical

31. FDA in Federal Register

33. Power sources

35. 3-Way-ColTM model … 2 parts = $11.98 + silver

37.EmergencyPhone~ ColTM (video link): model … 1 part- .40 ea.+ silver

41."Auto" ImmuneTM model … 1 part- $9.99 ea. + silver

43. Traditional design … 6-12 parts, $17 +

45. Advertisements of others … $75-$700

46. Ingestion suggestion

47. General usage … Potential, proven

51. Simple directions

53. Water sources

51. Electrolytes … Proprietary discovery released

57. Preparations

59. Silver colloid creation … three simple steps

61. Testing for quality

65. Silver certificates

67. The Body Metallic … Elixsilver! users speak out

72. Epilog: Cancer according to Rife

79. Web excerpts

80. Conclusion

81. About the author

82. Afterward: Ewald, "Virulence Theories in Evolution of Infectious Disease"


Insert: FREE~ World’s SimplestTMelectro~colloidal generator:

5-7 inches industry standard 22 gauge fine silver +

modular phone plug …and a full color brochure (comes w/book)



Illustrations/Photos within "...@ntibiotic Superhero"


This comprehensive book, indeed the only one with silver
-included as a fully functioning colloidal silver generator-
is all you will need to easily master the art of manufacture.


Standardized samples, replications, light comparison … x, 1

Elixsilver! designs … xii

Metallic colloid size comparison, electric "chains" … 8

Electrolyte addition … 14

Colloid formation … 15, 60

Colloid dispersion … 16, 40

Tyndall Phenomenon … 17, 38, 44

Elixsilver! ~ 3-Way-ColTM model … 34

Elixsilver! ~ emergency Phone-ColTM model … 36, 38

Radio Shack ( $12 ) 12v transformer … 39

"Auto" ImmuneTM model … 40

Traditional design, altered … 42

Simplified three-battery design … 44

Advertisements of others’ (price comparison) … 45

"Water store"… 52

Preparations required … 56

Hydrogen bubbles- molecular sol … 58

Test kit (independent) … 62

Complete kit … 64

Gifting others~ silver certificates … 65

News clippings … 70

Web browser search … 79

Author …81



Introduction from '...@ntibiotic Superhero'


This book came into being after a personal healing experience with colloidal silver in January 1998…a flu virus  (Ed.note: called Chinese "chicken" flu at the time-an early Avian perhaps).

After the initial replication of the 9-volt battery-operated unit, other battery sources were sought. The "Auto"Immune model followed. Solar panels worked, as did the newer battery technologies of ni-cad and nickel-metal hydride, but to a lesser degree. AC/DC transformers did the trick. The search was on. Re-inventing the wheel, they call it. The need to share this phenomenon with you, the reader, became a quest- an outlet for an inner drive. Grass-roots political activism lives!

Hundreds of hours were invested gleaning information from the stacks of the University of Arizona’s Medical Library and the chemistry section of Arizona State’s Research Library. Medical journals, patent searches, experimentation, all led to new developments in the field. Or maybe just to further re-inventing; certainly affordable re-packaging.


In this book you will find a mini-encyclopedia of knowledge on the subject of colloidal silver. The designs and directions, easily mastered once read, empower you to save the world... or perhaps a loved one. One thing is certain: you need this, even if it's just to store the info for future use. After you see it work, you'll want to share it. Everyone gets the big picture after a personal experience.


Dozens of people have found the Elixsilver! designs to be of great value. The electrolyte research and experimentation caught the attention of one national manufacturing firm. Fine-tuning ensued. The selling of pricey bottles was never considered. Marketing of devices is not fast enough. The book came about due to the need for educational directions, simple though they are. It all comes together here. When you find benefit, please make the effort to share it. Give this book away, or make a big batch for a sick friend. Send an e-mail. Post testimonials on our website:

Tell it to the world. We have the power within us. Let’s use it.


The internal ingestion of properly prepared colloidal silver is a

personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility.

T.J. Wiggins; p.1, 'Colloidal Silver- A Medical Historical Perspective', 1998




Personal Testimonials...our first few

Further testimonials may be found at our client testimonials page.

  • For years I had increasing misery from relentless allergies. I was prescribed the medication Zyrtec, which made my days far from alive, survivable at best. Its side effects caused weight gain and lethargy. Colloidal silver gave me instant relief. With continued daily use for about three weeks, I had the miracle in my life of freedom from suffering. Suffering that has never returned. With the return of the life force to my body I was able to lose weight to truly enjoy a richer life. I only use silver occasionally now to prevent myself, as well as others from illnesses that attempt to attack the body. Silver has such strength it replenishes the body at the cellular level, from viral and bacterial to serious disease. It holds the regenerating illumination of the master healer. I have seen numerous people that have opened their minds to try it find relief from multitudes of physical ailments. In deep gratitude. Thank you Elixsilver!

    GayLynn Cohen-McRoberts; Topanga, California


  • From the years of involvement in alternative health and healing techniques I have developed a healthy skepticism regarding ‘panaceas’. The logic of how they work just doesn’t seem to resonate with me. The use of colloidal silver has passed the test and here’s a specific experience to show it: I’ve felt the beginnings of flu symptoms, twice now, over the last two years. Coworkers have been down for as much as two weeks after developing the flu. I ‘brewed’ a gallon of colloidal silver using one of Tim’s devices and took it in 4-6 oz. doses over a two-day period. By the third day, the symptoms were totally gone. The body’s natural electrical nature seems to be activated by the conductive quality of the silver in suspension. I encourage you to try it for yourself. Don’t just take my word. -Webmaster: constitutes extreme dose to average individuals.

    Bruce "Zendor" Benefiel; Phoenix, Arizona


  • I have used your product on various occasions, i.e.: cold and flu symptoms, burns and cuts, etc.. In all cases the results were quickly recognizable with no side effects. And I  certainly was very surprised by the great value you are giving to the people. Now I am able to make my own colloidal silver for pennies where it costs about $14 US Dollars for a 2 os. bottle in the health food stores. I am sharing your device with all my friends. Best wishes,

          Ralph S,: Phoenix, Arizona


  • I have used the Elixsilver! colloidal device several ties when suffering from what I consider to be, allergy related, respiratory symptoms-with excellent results. Although no one I have asked can explain why its use would be particularly effective with this type of discomfort, I have nevertheless received considerable relief within a few hours after taking two ounces of the golden colored water-bourne colloidal silver produced by this unit. These results have been evident enough times to satisfy me that its use as a major contributing agent in these recoveries is not likely a matter of mere chance.

          Ron McKinney, author: "HOLOGRAPHIC GOD"



The initial set of directions for Elixsilver! devices were written by a kinesthetic personality. This made them difficult for many people, making them inadequate for the customer base as a whole. So a goal was set to expand and improve upon those directions that all might easily know how to create proper colloids of silver anytime.

At some point it became clear ~ the information amassed was more than sufficient for a book, not just a simple set of product directions.

That was perhaps nearly eight months ago. Almost all the material included came from university libraries but some did come from the literature of Mark Metcalf, one of the most well known researchers in the field…actually from literature his distributors offer with sales. His book did finally add some small bit to this work, and it is good that he has now revised it. Mark’s articles published in Perceptions magazine were also helpful. This book, however, relies heavily on the info from scientific texts. There were a few people within the c/s industry who were helpful with bits of technical data. Mostly this info comes to you from old-fashioned methods of research. Throw in a healthy portion of hit-or-miss experimentation along with a smattering of thinking outside the box- and you get an idea of how this work was created. One thing you should know, and some of you may have an idea, is the trouble that seems to come along with a project such as this. That is, one whose goal is to empower you the people to take control of your own health, life, country, whatever. The powers that be -entrenched as they are- don’t want to give up their power. In this case we’re dealing with the pharmaceutical houses. They make billions of dollars, and you can bet a lot of it comes from antibiotics, antibacterial and antimicrobial related allopathic medications. They don’t want c/s researchers telling you these things. The repercussions of continuing are a price we seem willing to pay. Please don’t let it be in vain. You’re quite safe telling your friends.

Afterward...excerpted from "Colloidal Silver ...@ntibiotic Superhero"

Amassing the information that comprises the majority of this book was initially a personal fact-finding effort that took perhaps six to eight months. Somewhere within that project, the effort expanded into an awareness of the real project at hand, and now over three years have passed since that first fateful drink. The excitement of the project continues. Just an hour ago, one of the employees at the printers complained of some illness besetting her. Please, this is imminently share-able information~ plant seeds by mentioning it to everyone, you’ll make friends for life and create good karma, instantly!

The business card of a gentleman representing one of the more expensive product lines just passed hands, his having only today learned of phone-line generation. It speaks volumes that the gent looks forward to speaking with the innovator of such a simple design that creates quality colloids at one-hundredth of the price of his units marketed at the present health-expo.

Elixsilver! designs come from a man who has " done so much with so little for so long that now he can do almost anything with nothing"; who will all but give them away in the pursuit of a rapidly expanding egalitarian newly ordered world.

An article by Judith Hooper appeared in the February ’99 Atlantic monthly magazine that reported some of the recent findings, validating, once again the information contained herein, garnered from research that validates research. It is now clear: "There is no reason to believe that the flurry of discovery has now completed the list of infectious agents of cancer"… " Of the top forty fitness antagonistic diseases on the list, thirty-three are known to be directly infectious and three more indirectly caused by infection"… " The cause for chronic illness is pathogens". (Ewald, author: Virulence Theories in Evolution of Infectious Diseases).

Where to start? Listing the new findings seems pointless, as nearly everything seems to be in the category of "morphing" organisms that are beset upon by the colloids of silver in three out of five "stages", as recognized by Rife in the early 1930’s.

Eighty percent of all coronary disease seems to be caused by an organism, C. pneumoniae, that precipitates inflammation and plaque build-up, thus occluding arteries, and even the brains blood supply, perhaps being the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Fully half of the Doctors surveyed in Denver, and thus, likely the nation, are unaware of the infectious nature of stomach ulcers; something the AMA should perhaps be embarrassed by or at least apologetic over. The same organism is the cause of one-half of all stomach cancers, according to the article.

The list from the article~ of more diseases now known to be caused by organisms: Sarcoidosis, Bowel disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus Granulomatosis, Diabetes, Billiary Cirrhosis, Sprue, Kawasaki disease, Lyme, Leprosy, & TB.

Those listed as being suspected of being caused by a particular organism include: Heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, most cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, ovarian cysts, obesity, eating disorders and most major psychiatric disorders. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was recognized as similar to the symptoms of St. Vitus’s Dance, which is known to be caused by an untreated Strep. infection.

PANDA, or Pediatric Auto-immune Neuropsychiatric Disorder is associated with a Strep. virus as well. Mental disorders such as Schizophrenia appear to stem from a lingering immune response. Menninger thought that in 1920.

Top all that with the FDA’s own information of adverse drug reactions filed from 1993-1999 being up 89%, or nearly doubled and you can add that to what you already know and honestly ask… well… you pose your own set of questions.

Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use


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