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Colloidal Silver Dangers are Making it Big

“The internal ingestion of properly prepared colloidal silver is a personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility”

The only real colloidal silver danger is that you would ingest improperly made large silver colloids like the patented drugs the FDA Approved 47 years -from its beginning until 1975- for use on132 ailments.

Circa 1928- the FDA was created:
Americans were told it was for their protection. It wasn't really.

1975- FDA Approved silver drugs were taken off the market.
Americans had used these 112 patented silver containing concoctions for nearly50 years but now we are told they are dangerous.

Fact: These drugs were taken off of the market because a Physician invented the electro-colloidal method of manufacturing.

This electro-colloidal method lets youmake colloidal silver safely.
It is the method used by everyone in the colloidal silver industry today.

Those drugs were only removed to make you think there werecolloidal silver dangers order to scare us away from today'ssafe silver.

Previously, silver was pummeled, crushed, knocked to pieces with sonic waves, vaporized by huge amounts of electricity or chemically dissolved. These large silver particles were mixed with toxic substances in order to obtain a patent which is crucial if you want to sell product at high prices.

The old toxic mixtures caused silver to be retained by the body.

Today’s 3-500 PPM –vs- 70,000-190,000 PPM of yesteryear
Old silver solutions were officially 7-19% in strength or Parts Per Million; thousands of times the strength of today’s much refined, light reflecting,yellow colored electro-colloidal silver solutions. Also those silver particles were hundreds of times larger in size, making the drugs a murky gray.

People who could afford the high-priced silver medicines of the past were put at risk by the very agency in which they placed their trust!

The FDA and AMA have literally produced and brought forward a couple of dozengray skinned people. Almost all of them, including the reluctantly famousRosemary got that way from taking the previously Approved toxic drugs the FDA has now pulled from the market at the behest of the Pharmaceutical houses who stand to lose billions. Rosemary mentions CSP, or colloidal silver protein. The protein being albumin, or egg white.

You see, the Drug-thugs had to do something to keep those enormous silver particles in suspension. Every one of those old-style silver-containing drug concoctions they made had some toxic chemical added - so they could patent it. Naturally occurring minerals in water are not patentable...and that is what colloidal silver is.

There are a few people that have managed to give themselves silver toxicity from taking their own improperly made colloidal silver.

Now even that is shown to be fully reversible. Agryria is curable!

Colloidal Silver Dangers- Argyria Defined:
Silver’s scientific abbreviation is Ag-in old Europe it was called argent. Agryria is the cosmetic condition caused by ingesting large colloids.

The FDA and AMA would have you believe argyria is incurable, although Physicians from the 1920s offered two remedies that we’re aware of.

Another recent, more expensive allopathic A.M.A.-type remedy is supposed to be only partially effective. One woman’s doctor says it doesn’t work -though it is in the medical journals.

You are safe now, because you are about to know the secret:

Colloidal silver dangers cured:
Argyria is a thing of the past. You will protect yourself by never drinking toxic colloids of silver because they will not flush from your body.

It is ironic that the man often considered the Grand-daddy of all colloidal silver marketers contracted argryria from improperly made colloids. Now he has come out of the closet…

…He has cured his Argyria! Now he wants you to know the truth.

Electro-colloidal silver
Particles are now broken off pure silver using the electro-colloidal method. This tiny particle is always at the atomic level- so uniform in size that the amount of silver broken off per hour with electricity is used as the measure for scientifically describing and defining the ampere. Perhaps you remember the Amp? It’s the unit of measurement for electricity.

Hundreds of thousands have been ridding themselves of ailments. Electro-colloidal silver has been proved safe for use since 1975.

However you must learn tomake it properly. If not you’ll need this:

Selenium supplementation
Selenium acts as a chelating agent for larger silver particles. It helps oversized silver colloids to be flushed from the body. Learn not to make colloidal silver with large particles to begin with and you’ll be totally safe

Toxic reactions to colloidal silver
The other seemingly legitimate colloidal silver danger -if you can call it that- is a side effect known as a Herxheimer’s reaction. This happens if you are Environmentally Ill, or have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Easy does it. Start with small doses and you'll have no problem.

Atoms of silver are nature’s antibiotic.
Colloidal silver kills disease organisms. It will also kill parasites by killing their eggs. Too much of a good thing will force some individuals into a weakened state as their body deals with the die-off of the organisms killed by colloidal silver. A couple of days of lethargy could result.

This reaction may be expected if taking pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Oh! Almost forgot: One moment please…as we pause for a note of personal protection:

This is for informational use only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any existing condition. It has not been reviewed by the Foods and Drug Administration as having any value and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. See your physician for that.

You feel protected now, right? While people everywhere are trying to assist you in your health concerns- they are stifled and even forcibly stopped by an agency that refuses to follow the laws of the land. How can this be? Why is it so, and what can be done? That’s anotherpage.

You my friend must make up your own mind -which you ultimately do anyway. Only this time you have opened yourself toinformation from somewhere other than that which comes from a clearly rogue agency of Drug Thugs acting in concert with the Pharmaceutical conglomerates. Congratulations!

For More Information Contact:

Silver Shield
P.O Box 506 Dolan Springs, AZ 86441
VOIP phone: 480-463-5663
Googlevoice: 435-6.101.101
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Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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